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Letra de Queen Of The Highway - The Doors

Lyrics de The Doors - Letras de canciones de The Doors

Queen Of The Highway | The Doors Lyrics

Canción: Queen Of The Highway
Artista: The Doors
Música: Rock

She was the princess
Queen of the highway
Sign on the road said
Take us to madre

No one could save her
Save the blind tiger
He was a monster
Black, dressed in leather

She was the princess
Queen of the highway

Now they are wedded
She is a good girl
Naked as children
Out in the meadow

Naked as children
Wild as can be
Soon to have offspring
Start it all over

Start it all over


American boy, American girl
Most beautiful people in the world
Son of frontier, Indian Swirl
Dancing through the midnight whirlpool
Hope it can continue a little while longer, come one


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