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Letra de M.E.N III - Bugzy Malone

Lyrics de Bugzy Malone - Letras de canciones de Bugzy Malone

Bugzy Malone - M.E.N III

Canción: M.E.N III
Artista: Bugzy Malone
Música: Urban

It's Bugzy Malone
Ayy, you see, as soon as I got to the hospital
The nurses told me I'm lucky to be alive
3 weeks later, I get a blood clot in my chest
The shit nearly killed me
And now I'm back
They don't call me the King of the North for nothing
Watch this

Alright, so mummy used to sell herself
Drop couple rocks into a pipe and light it up
Think I didn't come from hell?
My old bestie said my head's gone, it must be mental health
But I've got killers in my family, in case you couldn't tell
And I didn't wanna see them niggas so I got it hella stealth
And when I saw those idiots I told them by myself that I don't fear nobody
I still got opps that want me bodied, but them man are still living in a cell
And if I have to go back there, I swear I'm going in
I pray a lot these days in case I have to sin
I tell 'em 'till my mouth goes dry and I need a drink
I sleep well these days, I never miss a wink
And no I didn't catch the virus, though there's pain in my chest
A court case's coming, fuck fame for a sec
I'm gonna have to stand and take judgement again
But I can look him in his eye, I have my baby to protect
Couple things I've never said out loud, I just been living with it
I've gotta speak out, though it's fucking with my spirit
A school tie around my neck and hanging from the ceiling
He burst into the room, I was embarrassed when he see me
So I put it to my wrist and yeah, I slit it
Didn't cut it deep though, I gotta say I shit it
And mummy was a nitty
But when I heard she turned one of her customers into my dad I gotta say I really nearly did it
But I told myself, I would never do anything silly
I told myself I would take it out on niggas that fuck with me
And that's why I never lost
And that's why I am a boss
And that's why I was the first one to rep my city
I got fake friends talking like I don't show intelligence
Like I didn't demonstrate due diligence?
Man telling me about my residence, like I couldn't give a green lie and leave no evidence
Ah, place in the Louis
Waves under the Doowie
Skeleton Cartier so I can see through it
See, there is levels to this British shit and me I'm top tier
Any talk of me not being a legend stops here
When the car pulled out, I knew that we was crashing
And at that point my life was meant to start flashing
I just blacked out, woke up on the concrete with feathers everywhere - the Moncler was ragged down
Me, I had it mapped out
Now I got the bleeding on the brain
The same shit that killed my cousin, yeah, I swear I miss Dane
Couple niggas turned out to be fake
But I'm too rich to argue these days, so I just give it space
On the hospital bed, the morphine had me trippin'
Gigglin' at nothing, into reminiscin'
Crashed doin' 70 without wearing a helmet
Believe in God or not, there's no denying a blessing
I was on the wards, slowly healing
Layin' on the bed and my chest was beating
The blood clot passed through my heart and into my lungs
And the pain was a deeper feeling
I shouted for the nurse
I could feel myself leaking with a face full of sweat
Could barely catch my breath
Even though I knew I was hanging by a thread
I told the nurse that there is no way I'm dying on this bed
Fuck that! (Ah)
Now I'm supposed to feel weak?
For some reason though I feel like a Wolverine
Like I smashed the side of the car up with my physique, and left a big boy dent in the concrete
They put me in the newspapers and magazines
You better recognise a legend when you catch a sneak peak
It's not the first time I shed blood out on the street
But the way they taped it off, it was like a murder scene, ah

Fucking Bugzy Malone
The fucking resurrection

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